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Monday, December 28, 2009


These centerpieces were made for my job's christmas party.  I was asked to make 12 and am proud to say that I got them all done in a matter of five (5) hours!

Supplies used:
3 - 8ft garland
1 - 24" garland to fill in bare spots
4 - mug floral foam rounds
christmas picks (there are 4 per arrangement)
12 - glass votive candles
lots of glue sticks
glue gun
wire cutters
3 3/4" circle rounds (to protect the table and cover the foam on the bottom) I had these left over from a scrapbooking project cut with cricut machine.

The colors I used were red, white, and silver.  Sorry I don't have pictures of the finished table, I forgot my camera!  But picture all the tables with red and white tablecloths, then red, white, and silver ribbon streaming down four corners in spirals and the center piece sitting in the center lit.
The idea is a package all wrapped up!

Hope you can invision my masterpiece for I enjoyed it much.
Thanks for stopping by.


 Some of  the pictures are grainy. I hope you can get the true details and idea from them.  I know it's not paper but I was asked for what I thought was my best project!


We were asked to showcase a favorite project for 2009 on The Stamp Man blog hop. After looong toiling over this I've decided that these will have to do. Same project just different colors oh one has lights! 
The project I chose were angel centerpieces I made as christmas gifts to my son Kaleel's first grade teachers.  He has two! Hope you enjoy them, everyone at the school did and wanted one!!!

Supplies used:  Note:  You will need one for each project:
2 - 10" green wreath    1 - 18" green lighted wreath     1 - 18" party platter
1 - gold charger plate   1 - burgundy charger plate
4 - large gold poinsettias   4 - large burgundy poinsettias
5 - large purple flowers     10 - red and white christmas picks with berries
1 - bunch of gold curly willow     lots of  hot glue sticks and a glue gun(BE CAREFUL)
3 - angels (I think they were 14")    1 - bunch of pearl sprays (I used the long ones and cut them down)
3 - styrofoam bricks cut to fit the insides of the angels base for support and stability.

I will have close  ups in a post below.  Happy New Year everyone!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Sorry I have not posted in a very long time.  Looks like christmas came and went. And my gifts are still under the tree unopened! WOW!  I guess they will eventually be opened before the New Year. Everything was going fine until December 18th.  I suffered a very unexpected lost of my bff who was like a sister. I have good days and bad days.  I reflect back on every moment we shared together and remember there were many great days we shared.  I guess that's what makes it so difficult because we can't share them anymore.  I wake up and am tempted to call her but have to catch myself because she won't be answering. I have to remember when I drive by her house that she is no longer there and I can't stop. It is very hard guys because its not like I can reroute, I have no choice but to pass her house, for she was two houses down from me and I passed her to get house.  I am not depressed about the lost as I know if she could still be here she would, but then I think, all the pain she dealt with is no more, being tired all the time, and short of breath all gone, sad to say I find comfort in losing her to have her not suffer from her many afflictions.

So in memory of you, save me a game or two of 5000 over in glory and I'll always remember you and think of you when I go to Country Fisherman (Our favorite place to Eat).  Thank you for everything thoughout my life as I have known you for 33 years! You may be gone but never forgotten. I will always remember you through your "big boy" Kaleel. REST IN PEACE!!!